Best Ski and Snowboard Runs in Utah

Best Ski and Snowboard Runs in the Wasatch

With the “greatest snow on earth,” Utah is one of the greatest places in the world to ski and snowboard. Our friends at the Freeskier Society identifies the best in the Wasatch.

The ‘Bird is the word!!

Silver Fox is certainly expert terrain, but it’s loaded with lots of great options for those that are brave enough to visit it. These lines start anywhere all the way across to the second half of the cirque, but if you don’t want to cut the full distance, you can pick from several different lines that will take you all the way down including chutes and cliffs to add into your line. This isn’t a groomer that will be lapped by tourists, this is big mountain.

And then there’s Mach Schnell. It’s a little rough getting to (so you better be good at skiing between trees that are a foot a part) but it’s soooo worth it because all of the sudden everything opens up and there is a big, slightly steep powder bowl that’s totally hidden. It’s straight heaven. Hands down best run at the bird. But shh we don’t want too many people in there.


If you make it over to Alta make sure you visit our favorite spot there, Catherine’s area. There are plenty of steep & deep runs to be had all throughout. Our favorite part about the area is how much variety you can pack into a run each time. Steep chutes, cliffs, long runs through the trees, even more mellow open slopes, it’s all there. Plus, if you’re determined, you can traverse towards Patsy Marley. The rewards here are great as you will find amazing powder runs all day after all the other runs are tracked out.


Riding up the Great Western lift is an event in itself as it provides an all encompassing view of Brighton Ski Resort from the northernmost point. The gifts keep on coming once you get to the top as you have so many options to choose from as you make your way down. A truly exhilarating option is Endless Winter, especially with fresh powder on the mountain. This isn’t a run for the faint of heart as it’s one of the steepest routes down, but with fresh snow you’ll find it offers an experience like few other locations on the mountain can. The fluffy new stuff will provide enough of a speed check so that you can really hammer every turn, and if you commit you’ll get a blower experience from each one. Few things will get your heart pumping like the eyebrow raising steepness of the descent combined with such picturesque turns, and lets not forget the slew of rocks and cliffs you can add into your line to get yourself off of the ground for a bit as well. Definitely something to hit for the expert visiting Brighton on a fresh snow day.

Park City: Terrain Parks

Rolling in with the No. 2 vote for terrain parks in all of North America by Freeskier Magazine, Park City offers a wide range of parks options for those looking to get the most out of their freestyle skills. From the beginners boxes and rails in the “Candyland” themed “Neffland” to the competition size kickers on “King’s Crown,” Park City has something for all skill levels to enjoy and work on. There’s a reason Park City is world renowned for being a place to progress your freestyle skills.


Off of Strawberry Lift at Snowbasin Resort there is a run called “The Walrus,” a double black diamond that combines a bowl run with a nice addition of some epic chutes surrounded by trees throughout. The end of the run continues to reward the daring with several fun cliffs to get some time in the air. As always with a great bowl, there are many different lines you can take down keeping this run exciting to hit several times.