Solitude Resort Feature

Solitude Mountain Resort is the first stop on our 2015 state-wide #skitheU feature list…and for good reason. Solitude was one of the first resorts to open this season, and the early conditions are amazing. It’s also the closest resort to the University, only 24 miles away. This early in the season you might think that snow quality is sketchy or that there’s not much to explore, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong! Let me give you a few reasons why you will want to check out Solitude this week, and this is just the tip of the iceberg:

  1. There’s snow, and it’s amazing!
  2. Solitude. You’ll have the mountain to yourself. Solitude is already a hidden gem of, well…solitude, but early season takes this to a new level.
  3. Early. Season. Pricing. Take advantage of the great rates of early season. An adult full-day pass is currently $51, an adult half-day is $41, seniors are $41 and juniors are $31
  4. NEW LIFT! A new high-speed quad will get you into Honeycomb Canyon quicker.

What you find at Solitude Mountain Resort may surprise you. Tucked away on the Eastern edge of the resort is a fantastic village, with amazing dining options all day, and beautiful accommodations if you’re looking for a getaway that’s not far away at all. I have had days at Solitude where I have experienced untouched powder on every run of the day. Somehow Solitude remains a bastion for the greatest snow on earth that reflects its name perfectly.

If you would like a chance to win a pair of lift tickets to Solitude Mountain Resort visit the contest page.


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Solitude Mountain Resort Deals & Rates

Season Pass Type Winter 2015 – 2016
Young Adult
ages 18 – 23
ages 13 – 17
ages 7 – 12
ages 6 and under, with a paid adult at Solitude Mountain Resort
Military $529


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Be sure to visit Solitude Mountain Resort this season; you won’t regret it, and you never know, you may discover your new favorite resort.

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