U of U Club Deals

One of the perks of joining the U’s Freeskier Society or OneLove Ski & Snowboard Club are the deals and discounts that each student club provides.

OneLove’s deals include 30 percent off at Backcountry.com, 25 percent off at Discrete Clothing and 20 percent off of Saga Outerwear. For a complete list of OneLove’s discount love, visit its deals page.

Utah Freeskier Society also has a slew of discounts, including 50 percent off of rentals and tuning at Canyon Sports, and 40 percent off skis and snowboards from Ramp. For a complete list, visit the UFS deals and discounts page.

Freeskier Society and OneLove also provide the best deals for U students on season passes, but they must be purchased before the season begins. Both clubs table on campus, outside the Union from the first day of school pretty much through October, so hit them up about memberships and season passes then. Most season pass deadlines are late October, but it’s always good to prepare well ahead of time.

Of course, throughout the year, both clubs will host various movie premieres and ski trips, so check in on their social media for updates.