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A Whole Lot of Jibbing Going On: Campus Rail Jam Drops at the University of Utah

Photos by Lawrence Boye

Each year the Campus Rail Jam Tour sets up shop at the University of Utah where some of the best student jib technicians in the western United States put their skills on display. This year’s festivities at the U were no exception.

Even resident snow aficionado, Swoop, got in on the action.

Swoop sends it at the Campus Rail Jam at the University of Utah

Swoop soars at the University of Utah Campus Rail Jam

Did we mention how much fun this event is? Great park shredders (some of the best from the ski and snowboard worlds), great energy, great campus and great tunes. It’s a recipe to move those feet!

Bringing the funk to the University of Utah

For more on this annual event, check out the video below.

And, always remember, if you choose to get inverted, get inverted responsibly. Shred on, Utes!

Inverted snowboarder at the University of Utah

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