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Kite Skiing on the Skyline

Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

With some of the most pristine ski and snowboard terrain in the country mere minutes from campus, one might assume that skiing and snowboarding completely dominate the winter sports scene in Utah.  However, much to my own surprise, thanks to the abundant snowfall and easy access, more people than ever are finding creative ways to

University of Utah’s Olympic Lineup

The U had its fair share of students, alumni and faculty who participated in the recent Winter Olympics in Sochi. The list included a student who is a ski-jumping pioneer who was instrumental in convincing the International Olympic Committee to allow females to compete in her sport, an alumna making her third Olympic appearance, and

Science of Slopestyle Skiing — The University of Utah

The Science of Slopestyle Skiing

From an Olympic perspective, it’s the new kid on the mountain. But for years, slopestyle skiing has been the darling of primetime events, like the X-Games and the Dew Tour. The appeal of the sport is apparent when watching stars like University of Utah alum Tom Wallisch dazzle audiences by launching off kickers and flying through

Sunrise over Big Cottonwood Canyon

Seek and Ye Shall Find

With many Utah resorts averaging 500+ inches of snow every year, it’s not typical for skiers and boarders to experience long dry spells without any new snow. However, Mother Nature does occasionally throw a curveball with Utah getting a week or two of dry weather. But fear not, even when the powder gets tracked out